Explosive Detection IMASS

BBI Detection’s Explosive Detection IMASS is used to directly sample surfaces, solids and liquids using an integrated sponge. A number of test strips are then run simultaneously from the sample, giving visual results for military explosives and multiple homemade explosive components in 3 minutes. Its unique design* means that the IMASS™ device is straightforward to run and to read, even while in full Protective equipment.*(licensed from the UK Secretary of State for Defence)

Explosive Detection IMASS advantages

+         Detects Military Explosives: TNT/RDX/PETN and their derivatives such as Semtex, C3, C4 and HMX in a single device

+         Detects Ammonium Nitrate based home-made explosives including the ‘sugar’ variant of explosive known as ‘ANS’.

+         Results in 3 minutes

+         Ergonomic and lightweight design

+         Easy to use in full protective equipment

+         No power requirement

+         Can be used to sample surfaces, solids and liquids

For full details refer to the product specification sheet :  PDF

The IMASS is also available in a Biothreat Detection format and further formats are in development including chemical warfare agents, a next generation Biothreat system  and a Molecular Biothreat detection format.

If you are interested in being a distributor, including the our product as part of a kit or for more information please contact the BBI Detection team at info@bbidetection.com