Dry Explosive Test Kit

The Dry Explosive Test Kit (DETK) is a cost effective, rapid and reliable technology designed for presumptive identification of precursors used in manufacture of improvised explosives and military grade explosives, which maybe concealed in shipments through border controlled check points, or used in suicide and terrorist plots.

The Dry Explosive Test Kit (DETK) is a single-use device that detects explosive residue in luggage, briefcases, leather goods, clothes, shoes, belts, personal belongings, door knobs, passports, and other solid accessories. In a matter of seconds, an official can determine the nature of unknown substances.

TestExplosive ChemicalDetection Limit
AChlorate, e.g. potassium chlorate7.5µg
AHydrogen peroxide, e.g. TATP / HMTD/MEKP10µg
BNitrates, e.g. potassium nitrate / ammonium nitrate1µg
BNitrates, e.g. urea nitrate5µg
BNitramines, e.g. PETN / RDX3µg
BNitrate esters, e.g. nitroglycerin1µg
CNitroaromatics, e.g. TNT, DNT, Tetryl10µg

The DETK contains one swab stick and one test strip. The test strip contains a spot test which detects all classes of explosives including Nitrates, Nitramines, Nitroesters, poly-nitro aromatics, Chlorates, and Hydrogen peroxide. The DETK has been endorsed by the USA Government National Forensic Scientific Technology Center.

Key features

  • The DETK is the only kit of its type with the ability to detect such an extensive range of explosive residues in one single test.
  • Rapid results
  • Portability – Each DETK weighs only 0.02 grams and fits in a shirt pocket or wallet. A test kit carry case is available separately,
  • Kits contain no glass vials or hazardous or corrosive liquids.
  • No power requirements
  • Independently tested and verified by UK Home Office
  • Shelf life of up to 2 years