The DECPOL Emergency Decontamination Mitt represents the next generation in emergency CBRN decontamination and is a simple, rapid and effective solution for chemical and biological decontamination, which avoids the potential for cross-contamination which exists with current systems.

DECPOL Emergency Decontamination Mitt

The DECPOL Emergency Decontamination mitt is a polyvalent device which incorporates superabsorbent material with active agents for the destruction of chemical and biological contamination. The DECPOL Emergency Decontamination mitt is intended for Military, First-Responders and Industrial use for  decontamination of people, weapons and sensitive equipment.


  • Material’s absorption capacity : >600% NF T 90-361
  • Absorbed volume for 1 mitt : 140mL NF T 90-361Surface treatment ability: 9m²
  • Surface decontamination factor by transfer: > 99% of the toxic deposited on the surface, according to AEP-58
  • Physical design optimizes efficiency and prevents any toxic release. DEC’POL® prevents cross contamination risks by limiting the release of powder as well as the inhalation of powder which may contain toxic substances.


  • Destruction of CWA G, V, H, and absorbed TIC’s : Tested according to AEP-58
  • Biological decontamination factor: Tested on E.coli, Y.enterocolitica, P.aeruginosa, S.aureus, B.subtilis spores

Additional information

  • Storage time in its original bag: 5 years, -21°C / +71°C.
  • Mass: 60g
  • Compact Packaging
  • One-size
  • Packaged in cartons of 20

Manufactured by Ouvry / Distributed by BBI Detection