To complement our product portfolio for end users, BBI Detection can also supply an exclusive range of high performance monoclonal antibodies for biothreat detection for a diverse range of targets including Plague Anthrax Botulinum toxin, Ricin toxin, Brucella, Burkholderia, Coxiella burnetii and several other key target antigens. With proven sensitivity and specificity in existing systems, our antibody resources can provide a rapid solution to effective detection.

BBI Detection can also supply monoclonal antibodies for explosives detection, including those directed against the high explosives TNT, PETN and RDX.

Several of these were developed at Dstl Porton Down (the UK government agency: Defence, Science and Technology Laboratories) and are manufactured and sold under licence from the UK Secretary of State for Defence.

A range of mouse monoclonal antibodies detecting the Ebola virus strains: Zaire, Sudan and Reston are available from BBI solutions. Ebola Zaire, the causative agent of the 2014 Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa, is detectable using BBI Solutions’ Ebola antibody.

BBI has an antibody manufacturing capability based at our secure site at Porton Down where monoclonal antibodies are produced in milligram to multigram batches. Manufacturing capability includes the use of CELLine™ bioreactors in addition to standard rollerbottle production. The team has many years of experience and can tailor manufacture to the customers’ requirements.

BBI Detection’s antibodies are manufactured within an ISO 13485:2016 certified quality management system offering high quality products with full traceability on product and production methods.

BBI Detection can also assist with cell bank production, cell storage, Mycoplasma testing and downstream processing, including conjugation to a variety of labels.

Antibody TargetHostIsoTypeProduct Information Sheet
BBI063 – IgG3
PDF Download
BBI162 – IgG3
BBI163 – IgG2b
BBI214 – IgG2a
PDF Download
PETNMouseIgG1PDF Download
RDXMouseIgG1PDF Download
TNTMouseIgG1PDF Download

Many more antibodies available on request – please contact us for more information

BBI Detection also provide inactivated biothreat antigens to customers under strictly controlled conditions. Details of stock antigens can be supplied on request.