Team Interview: David Fraser on CBRNe Convergence USA

BBI Detection’s Product and Marketing Manager, David Fraser

BBI have just returned from their most recent trade show, CBRNe Convergence USA in Indianapolis, Indiana. We have taken some time to do a short Q&A with BBI Detection’s Marketing and Product Manager David Fraser, about his experience of the event.

Question: Why are BBI Detection attending CBRNe Convergence USA?

CBRNe Convergence is one of the premier CBRNe focused conferences in the US Market. It is a great opportunity to meet end users and KOL’s.

Have you been before? 

Yes I attended in 2015 and others in the company attended in 2016. We really value it as a show which is why we have attended annually for the last three years.

Who from the team was present?

Myself and our Commercial Director Mark Loveridge. We went with the aim of further building BBI Detection’s brand name within the US Market and to continue the introduction of the Dec’Pol Dry decontamination mitt into the US 1st responder market

David, we hear you did a presentation? Tell us about that.

As silver sponsor of the conference we had the opportunity to give a presentation on the Dec’Pol Mitt. The DECPOL Emergency Decontamination mitt is a polyvalent device which incorporates superabsorbent material with active agents for the destruction of chemical and biological contamination. The DECPOL Emergency Decontamination mitt is intended for Military, First-Responders and Industrial use for  decontamination of people, weapons and sensitive equipment.

How did it go?

The presentation was well received and had several follow on questions, it followed on well from a presentation earlier in the day from Dr Robert Chilcott who is a KOL in the area of decontamination.

What were the key points you covered in your talk?

I gave an overview of the history of dry decontamination, the development of the Dec’Pol mitt and a summary of the technical details of testing performed to date on the mitt.

Any inside information from the show?

The conference was attended by over 450 people, of which around 280 were end users. It was great to reconnect with existing users of our IMASS product and to hear how happy they are with the product.

What seems to be the highlight of the show?

We have made several new connections in the Canadian market and our move into the area of dry decontamination with the Dec’Pol mitt is supported with the continued push towards incorporating dry decontamination prior to wet decontamination.

Do you have any more events planned before the end of the year? 

This was our last exhibition we are exhibiting at this year however our account manager will be show walking UK Security Expo 29-30th November in London and I will be show walking and presenting a poster at the 2017 Chemical and Biological Defence Science & Technology Conference 28-30th November in California, USA.

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